// chriscarvelli.cpp

// Christian Carvelli // carve.chris@gmail.com // @carve_chris, www.linkedin.com/in/christian-carvelli int main() { Player chrisCarvelli; chrisCarvelli.location = Location("Copenhagen, Denmark"); chrisCarvelli.recent_job_history .add("Aug 2018 - present", "Project manager", "BizcoreLogics") .add("Oct 2017 - present", "Software developer", "BizcoreLogics") .add("Oct 2017", "Volunteer", "Game AI North") .add("Oct 2015 - Jul 2017", "Full Stack Developer", "Microplus Timing") .add("Aug 2011 - Sep 2015", "Contractor programmer, venue operator and technician", "Microplus Timing"); chrisCarvelli.education_history .add("Sep 2017 - present", "Master Degree in Games Technology", "IT University Copenhagen") .add("Feb 2017", "IELTS Certification", "IELTS ACADEMIC") .add("Oct 2012 - Sep 2015", "Bachelor Degree in Computer Science", "University of Turin") .add("Sep 2007 - Jul 2012", "High School diploma in Computer Engineering", "I.I.S. G. Vallauri - Fossano"); chrisCarvelli.bibliography .add(Game, "The Navigator", "General and Graphic Programmer") .add(Prototype "Sakura Garden", "Procedural generation of natural structures") .add(Prototype, "Rail path", "Creation of SVG-like 3D paths") .add(Prototype, "Walking Simulator", "Low level C++ game prototype") .add(Jam, "Inside Sunshine @ Global Game Jam 2018", "VR Controller") .add(Jam, "Twice Upon a Kaiju @ Level One: Jam!", "Toon Shading and particles", "Procedural Buildings") .add(Jam, "The King's Garder @ Nordic Game Jam", "Solo Project") .add(Jam, "Horizontal Timing @ js13k", "Solo Project") .add(JobTravel, "Baku 2017, Islamic Solidarity Games", "Programmer, Venue Technician") .add(JobTravel, "London 2016, European Aquatic Championships", "Programmer, Venue Technician") .add(JobTravel, "Belgrade 2016, European Waterpolo Championships", "Programmer, Venue Technician") .add(JobTravel, "Netanya 2015, European Short Course Swimming Championships", "Programmer, Venue Technician") .add(JobTravel, "Brazzaville 2015, All African Games", "Programmer, Venue Technician") .add(JobTravel, "Nice 2013, Jeux de la Francophonie", "Programmer, Venue Technician") .add(JobTravel, "Trabzon 2011, European Youth Olimpic Festival", "Programmer, Venue Technician") .add(Other, "Silicon Valley Study Tour 2015", "Meet&Greet with startups in the Bay Area") .add(Other, "Master dei Talenti project 2012", "Abroad Spanish language course followed by work stage"); Game life; life.addPlayer(chrisCarvelli); while (!life.isGameOver()) { life.update(); life.render(); } return 0; } // (c) 2017 Philip Dunstan